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|  Drama, English, 90 min


Writer and Director

 Margaux is a woman seeking her truths, Zagaib a man hiding behind his lies. In parallel stories they live opposite lives, crossing each other in the dimension of dreams and memories, induced by a secret formula prepared by the shaman Baudelaire, used by Margaux as a spiritual journey and by Zagaib as an escape from reality.



The movie is set in a fictional city, an urban mosaic of several metropolises, in a near future, after the promised apocalypse that the world expected but never happened.



Floating between drama and comedy , the somehow surrealistic characters extrapolate their existentialist searches in a humorous, critical and frantic portrait of urban chaotic life.


Production Designer : Jean Pascal Chalard

known for : The Man from London ( Bella Tar) , Joan D'Arc

( Luc Besson) , Around the world (Michel Gondry)

Director of Photography : Rui Poças

known for : Zama ( Lucrecia Martel) , Bridges of

Sarajevo (Jean-Luc Godard), Tabu (Miguel Gomes)


Caterpillar.01 is a USA/ Brazil co-production, authorized to be financed through the Brazilian Ministry of Culture / Ancine (National Cinema Agency)

Co-produced by The Planet, L.A

Distributed by Europa Filmes

Status : Packaging

Writers Guild of America , West  - registered  wgaw#1749624

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