Chief Creative Officer | Director | Producer  

Film, Television , New Media and International Production

Beatrix Guedes is a film maker and Chief Creative Officer at MOONLANDER STUDIOS, in Los Angeles.


With nearly15 years experience in the industry, Beatrix has created, directed and produced award winning films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, scripted and unscripted series for various TV networks, heading development and production from concept to air. 


In 2005 Beatrix started her production house SELVA, building a creative network with film and TV professionals worldwide to create, develop and produce compelling content across diverse genres for multiple platforms.

In 2016 she has moved permanently to Los Angeles and founded the production company MOONLANDER STUDIOS, focused on development.

Worked directly with Turner Latin America, CNN International, E! Television, TV Cultura, RedeTV, 
MTV, Viacom, Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, and with advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, J.W.Thompson, Young & Rubican, BBDO and BBD.

Long story short 

Beatrix started her career in London as a fashion photographer , having her work published in various fashion publications in the UK and in Brazil . Her photography career soon led her to experiments with moving images . She has directed experimental films like “Pelvis” , acquired for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, and “Freak Gallery”, screened in various film festivals around the world. Because of her unique artistic

vision , she was invited to work as production designer at Trattoria , an extinct production company in São Paulo, renowned for its avant-garde multimedia work. Eventually she started directing music videos and commercial films, working for big advertising agencies like J.W.Thompson, Ogilvy, Young & Rubican, Saatchi & Saatchi.

In 2005 , Beatrix started her production company Selva based in São Paulo, and has been producing remarkable content across screens ever since , from television and film to multimedia and the performing arts. In 2013 she estabilished partnership between Selva and Movie&Art, one of the leading production holdings in Latin America,  assuming the positions of Creative Director and International Production. In 2015, Beatrix has started Selva's operations in Los Angeles , developing and co-producing content with American production companies.  In 2017 she has moved permanently to Los Angeles and became partner and Chief Creative Officer  at  MOONLONDER STUDIOS, a development and production company based in Los Angeles.

What she’s been up to 


In the past 2 years Beatrix has written and developed 2 feature films, 1 feature documentary, 1 scripted and 3 unscripted TV series, and has directed / produced 2 short films. She has been working in various projects in different stages : 

. Her mini feature "Rupert" is currently running festivals around the world.

​. Her feature film “Crystalina’’ project was finalist at the Tribeca Film Institute / Sloan Fund, NY , and the script is in its in producer's draft.

. Her scripted series “Stories from the Interlude” was optioned to be co-produced by 2 production companies in Los Angeles.

. The feature film written and directed by her, “The Caterpillar“ , is currently packaging. 

. The feature documentary written and directed by her , “Partying to Revolution -  part II" ,  is currently in production

She has recently directed a music video for the  psychedelic band Venga Venga, She was also the artistic director of the concert of the electronic artist Dennix, featuring video mappings and holographies in a multimedia installation at the most important museum in Brazil, the MASP - Museum of Art of Sao Paulo. She  was member of the jury and directed the opening film for the Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival, in Los Angeles. 


As Chief Creative Officer at Moonlander Studios, in L.A, she has been focused on the packaging of her feature film "Crystalina" which counted with the invaluable contributions of the International Space Station team at NASA Ames Research Center and SETI Institute ( Search for xtraterrestrial Intelligence ) , in Mountain View, CA.


In 2019 Beatrix started collaborating with CRC - Claire Randall Consulting, a creative commercials production consulting company based in London, UK,  as consultant for international productions, having as main clients

Adidas, Visa and Beam Suntory.

 updated Jan 2020