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I'm a Creative Director / Director / Executive Producer / Showrunner working in Film, Television, Ads, Digital and International Production



 I'm a passionate image maker and storyteller working around the globe across screens, at the intersection of arts, media and culture.  As a multidisciplinary creative, I am constantly pushing myself out of the comfort zone of conventional models to create and produce content to instigate, inspire and resonate universally, regardless of platform restraints.  I'm out to explore new trails, not just go along with how things have always been done.  At the end of the day, you either jump or you don't !


With a BA in Visual Communication / Graphic Design and MA in Photography, I've started my career in London as a fashion photographer, having my work published in various fashion publications in the UK and in Brazil . My photography career soon led me to experiments with moving images . I have directed experimental films acquired for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, and  screened in various film festivals around the world.  I was then nvited to work as art director / production designer at Trattoria , an extinct production company renowned for its avant-garde multimedia work. Eventually I've started directing commercials, being both director and art director/ production designer of my films, working for big advertising agencies like J.W.T, Ogilvy, Y&R, Saatchi & Saatchi, FCB

In 2006 , I've started my production company SELVA based in São Paulo, where I created, directed and produced content across screens, from television and film to ads, multimedia and the performing arts. I have also directed multimedia experiences and events for  global brands , and was artistic director for music concerts and festivals.  In 2013 SELVA  became part of the Movie
&Art production holding, alongside Landia, Your Majesty and Iconoclast - and I became the Creative Director and International Executive Producer for TV and New Media in the group.


While working in co-productions with the USA, In 2017 I moved to Los Angeles , where I have been developing film and TV projects as Executive Creative Director at MOONLANDER STUDIOS. 

While focused on film and tv development at MOONLANDER, I've been working as International creative production consultant for commercials for ADIDAS, VISA, MARS and BEAM SUNTORY at CRC - Claire Randall Consulting - working with the main creative agencies and production companies around the world, having collaborated in over 100 global, USA and Latam campaigns so far. I have also collaborated and written LAC and Global Production Guidelines for Visa, Adidas and Beam Suntory globally, besides training their agencies' producers and Client marketing teams.


I've also been a mentor and speaker at Film Brazil/ APRO ( Association of Brazilian Producers equivalent to AICP ) where I wrote the International Production Guidelines for the USA and UK markets, and at the CITY of MONTREAL   - Cabinet Creatif, where I've been consulting and mentoring Canadian production companies working with global brands in the USA and international markets.



In the past 4 years at Moonlander I've written scripts , developed visual concept and packaging , including attachments, budgeting and scheduling for 2 feature films and  2 TV series, and have directed / produced 1 mini-feature film , 1 short, 1 documentary.

I've been working in various projects in different stages:


. My mini feature "Rupert" is running festivals and was awarded Best Screenplay at the BERLIN Independent Film Festival,  Nominated Best Film at the ARFF AMSTERDAM International Awards ,and in the official selection at the CANNES Shorts Festival , VENEZIA Short Film Festival among others, and awarded Honorable Mention at the UK Shorts Festival, in London.

​. My feature film “Crystalina’’ project was finalist at the Tribeca Film Institute / Sloan Fund, NY , the script is in producer's draft and I counted with invaluable contributions of the International Space Station team at NASA Ames Research Center and SETI Institute ( Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ). We're now packaging and have the British director Peter Webber attached to direct the movie.

. My scripted series “Stories from the Interlude” was optioned to be co-produced by 2 production companies in L.A

. “The Caterpillar“, a feature film written by me, will be adapted to TV series.

I'm currently writing and developing "ARCHIPELAGO". a one-hour drama TVseries , a USA-Sweden co-production and Josephine", a one-hour drama tv series co-production USA-Spain .

. The feature documentary written and directed by me and Felipe Dal"Anese , “Partying to Revolution", is a work in progress, a long ongoing journey spanning across 10 years of footage, research and never ending curiosity - we keep on shooting.

I love creating content for video projections and mappings - video installations are my artistic / authorial expression. My recent

multimedia works as artistic director include the concert of the electronic artist Dennix, featuring video mappings and holographies in a multimedia installation at MASP - Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, and  a major music concert/brand event where I have created video mapping for 120 meters long LED panels.


















Beatrix Guedes is a film maker and Executive Creative Director at MOONLANDER STUDIOS, in Los Angeles.

With a strong background in creative direction and international executive production, Beatrix has directed and produced awarded films, TV series, documentaries and commercials, while developing extensive international network and collaboration with professionals in the entertainment industry, TV networks, production houses and creative agencies in the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe. She has worked with Netflix, Turner, CNN International, E! Television, TV Cultura, MTV, Viacom, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI, Ogilvy, J.W.T, VMLY&R, BBDO, DDB, Publicis, W+K and Splash|Jellyfish 



. Crystalina (feature film) – script FINALIST at TRIBECA FILM INSTITUTE, NY  - Sloan Fund and selected one of 

  TOP Projects of WOMEN FILMMAKERS in HOLLYWOOD at the Raleigh Studios, LA

. Rupert (mini-feature film) -  WINNER - BERLIN INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL - Best Screenplay -  Official Selection at CANNES SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, VENEZIA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2021, Italy , HONORABLE MENTION at UK FIlm Festival 2020 - London, UK

. Santa Ursula (TV ad ) awarded BRONZE LION at the CANNES LIONS AWARDS

. Globalpop (TV format) -  shortlisted among 200 formats worldwide at CANNES MIPTV / MIPFORMATS

. Eldorado (documentary) opened the UNITED NATIONS CONGRESS OF HUMAN RIGHTS and the LATIN AMERICAN



. Freak Gallery (short film) selected at the NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL LGBT, SEOUL NET FESTIVAL, among others.

. Pelvis (short film) acquired by MAM -  MUSEUM OF MODERN ART OF SAO PAULO permanent collection 

. Member of the Jury - HOLLYWOOD BRAZILIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Los Angeles



< 2017- present >


Executive Creative Director |  International Production

Creates, develops and produces films, documentaries, scripted and unscripted TV series , commercials, branded content and multimedia experiences. Selected achievements and projects during this period include :

film >

. Writer/producer of sci-fi drama feature film “Crystalina”, project finalist at  TRIBECA Film Institute /Sloan Fund.

. Writer/director/producer of mini-feature film “Rupert”, Official Selection at CANNES SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, VENEZIA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2021, Italy , HONORABLE MENTION at UK FIlm Festival 2020 - London, UK

. Writer/director of the feature film “The Caterpillar” to be co-produced by The Planet, Los Angeles.

. Writer/Director of shorts “Eye” and “Peacock” opened the HOLLYWOOD BRAZILIAN FILM FESTIVAL in LosAngeles

. Writer/Director of "Partying to Revolution

. Director of Music Videos for the psychedelic band “Venga Venga” and the electronic music artist “Dennix”

tv >

. Creator of scripted one-hour drama series "Josephine" - in development

. Creator and creative director of scripted one-hour drama TV series “ Stories from the Interlude ”- Developed the series optioned to be co- produced by Los Angeles - based production companies CORRINO and MAD SEASON.

multimedia/events >

. Artistic Director of “Cosmic Mind” Dennix - Music concert / Multimedia installation, featuring holography and video mapping at the most iimportant museum in Brazil : MASP – Museum of Art of Sao Paulo.

. Artistic Director of "Festa Porto" - 30k people event with music shows and 120m LED multilayered screens video mapping fpr Porto Seguro Seguros, one of the largest financial companies in Latin America

< 2019 - present >



International Production Consultant | Global and Latam | Commercials

Creative Production Consultant for ADIDAS , VISA , MARS and BEAM SUNTORY global commercial campaigns, working as a bridge between the brands, the creative agencies and the production companies,  managing multi-million dollar budgets, overseeing productions from development to air. Analyzes creative concepts and feasibility of the projects, optimizing production processes to result in most creative, cost-effective and timing-efficient projects. Collaborated and wrote The VIsa Global and Latam Production Guidelines.


International Production Consultant | Entertainment and Commercial production
Consulting and mentoring Canadian production companies on co-production and services tools, building up teams and best practices and ways of work with global brands in the USA and international markets.

FILM BRAZIL / APRO - Brazilian Association of Independent Producers

International Production Consultant | Co-Productions and Services| Commercials

. Wrote the APRO International Production Guidelines - Budgeting for USA and UK Productions

. Speaker Webinars on Budgeting and Producing for Global Brands and the USA production landcape

< 2020 >


NETFLIX - Los Angeles

Creative Globalization Specialist - remote at RWS

Special project marketing supplementals localization (trailers, long and short format, social media assets) working inside NETFLIX localization / post production workflows

VOXX STUDIOS - Netflix Post partner - Los Angeles

DIrector of Localization


<2014 - 2016 >


MOVIE&ART - São Paulo/Los Angeles

Senior Creative Director / Content Development / International Production

Movie&Art is one of the leading media production holdings in Latin America. It belongs in the group LANDIA (the top Spanish speaking production house in the world) ; YOUR MAJESTY, a creative agency based in New York and ICONOCLAST ,one of the most awarded commercial film producers in the world. Beatrix has established partnership for co-production of tv and branded content, becoming part of the Movie&Art media conglomerate. She has created the TV and New Media Department, and assumed the position of Creative Director, leading the development and production of content in the group. In this key position, she was responsible for creating and developing new TV Series and branded content , and adapting international formats of scripted series for local production, dealing with networks and production companies worldwide, focusing on TV content to be generated by the group. She has also participated, in the capacity of Creative Director, the group’s international co-production deals of feature films, TV series, documentaries and internet content, besides having  created content for clients like Pantene, Nestlé, Proctor&Gamble.


<2006 - 2017>

SELVA - São Paulo / Los Angeles

Founder - Creative Director/ Director/ Producer/ International Production

Selva is a Film, television and multimedia production company connected with a broad network of creative talent and production companies worldwide. Beatrix has established the company and has provided leadership in all areas from development to launch | Led development / production / post-production teams of up to 60 people / Oversaw the projects through the entire cycle from contracts, budgeting, development, production, post production and distribution.

Some projects headed by her include:


TURNER LATIN AMERICA  |  Producer /Director/ Showrunner

Fashion Splash - TV series - 13 X 24 min episodes – Fashion TV

Key role in development of the show from concept to launch/ Directed a team of 40 people (development, production, post production crew) / Supervised the fashion and historic research and plots for the episodes / Oversaw script / Creative lead of art direction, design and graphics / Direction on set / Negotiated contracts and co-production legal aspects with Turner Latin America . Fashion Splash is a Prime time show at Fashion TV targeted to an audience of fashion experts and fashion enthusiasts all over Latin America, with the participation of the most influent people in the fashion industry.


CNN INTERNATIONAL - London |  Co-director / Producer    

Episodes for the series The Scene, Art of Life, Principal Voices and World Sport.


E! TELEVISION - Los Angeles / REDE TV - São Paulo  | International Production and TV Formats Consultant 

DR. 90210 format  - Negotiated format with E! TELEVISION / Adapted the format to be produced by REDE TV / casted the protagonists and recruited crew in Los Angeles / budgeted and designed the flowchart for international production .“Dr. Hollywood” , the Brazilian version of “Dr.90210” , has become the second show in audience numbers on the Brazilian Television, on the Sunday evenings, with the highest numbers ever reached by the broadcaster.


TV CULTURA broadcaster - São Paulo  |  Producer/ Director/ Showrunner

Ecoprático - Unscripted TV series - 12 X 24 min episodes – Prime Time

Key role in the development and production of the show from concept to launch/ Directed a team of 50 people , with accountability for all aspects of daily production, including generating segment ideas, overseeing script, production and post production / Negotiated contracts and production aspects with TV Channel and sponsors | Ecopratico is a reality show focused on sustainability and environmental issues.  It has won the Environmental Merit Award at the Latin American Environment Conference. It became a key show at the TV Cultura’s programming, for its innovating format, responsible for  attracting a younger audience , and rapidly becoming the 2nd show in audience. For its success it was reprised 4 times, and launched in DVD / Blu-ray. TV Cultura is considered the 2nd best quality TV channel in the world, behind BBC 1, according to Populus, prestigious British research agency.


MTV BRAZIL |  Director

Spots and featurettes : Revela, Mercado Mundo Mix


GLOBALPOP |  Creator/ Director/ Producer

Format  - TV series - 13 X 24 min episodes

Created the format / Developed a network of production professionals grouped in teams in 7 countries / Produced and directed the pilot shot in 7 countries | Globalpop was shortlisted among more than 200 productions at Cannes- MIPTV

film >

. ELDORADO - HUMAN TRAFFICKING  (documentary)  | Producer - opened the United Nations Congress of Human Rights and the Latin America Film Festival . Beatrix was In charge of all aspects of production from development , budgeting and funding to completion and distribution.

. PARTYING TO REVOLUTION (documentary)  |  Writer, Director, Producer - Filmed in 4 countries , featuring scientists, writers, artists , including  worldwide renowned artist Kenny Scharf, the blockbuster author Daniel Pinchbeck and the legendary mathematician Ralph Abraham.

. 25 YEARS of  SOS MATA ATLÂNTICA (documentary) |  Director - portraying the most important organization of protection of the Atlantic Rain Forest.

. FREAK GALLERY (short film)  |  Writer and Director - selected at the New York Film Festival LGBT , Seoul Net Festival

. PELVIS (short film) | Co-director - with renowned NY artists AVAF, acquired by the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo ( MAM) permanent collection

. (F) For the Day I Met Eric  ( short film) | Producer -  screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner

. SANTA URSULA (commercial film)  |  Art Director - awarded Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions


web > | Creative Director - Platform of digital activism based on satellite mapping of the environmental crisis, sponsored by Ford Foundation | Participated since Revela’s creation and development / Directed the films of the campaign aired on MTV and VH-1/ Oversaw visual communication and graphic design

. KITCHENET | Creative Director / Producer  - Pop culinary web series for YouTube 


 music >

. O GUARANI |  Creative and Artistic Director - Multimedia Opera Concert - the largest projection/light/sound synchronization in Brazil, at the time. Client : GOL Airlines , Agency: BBDO /  Dream Factory ( Rock in Rio )

. BRUNO E MARRONE | Creative and Artistic Director -  “Evolution Tour” of the one of the biggest pop stars in Brazil , winners of the Latin Grammy. The concerts were attended by 3 million people in 150 cities in Brazil and S.America, reaching millions more with TV broadcasting and DVD/ Blu-ray. Client : Sony Music

. CAPITAL INICIAL |  Director of Multimedia Content - “Gigante” and “Rosas & Vinho Tinto” tours  of one of the biggest rock bands in Brazil. Client: Sony Music

. SANDY&JUNIOR |  Director of Multimedia Content - “Quatro Estações” - concert of the most popular pop duo in Brazil with over 10 million records  sold   | Creative and Artistic Director of the DVD “Quatro Estações” with over 500.000 sold. Client: Universal Music

brands events >

. SAMSUNG TECHSUMMIT  |  Creative and Artistic Director - Directed a crew of more than 80 pros - global event.

. MITSUBISHI |  Director of Multimedia Content  for the launching of MITSUBISHI RALLIE

. FIAT |  Director of Multimedia Content  for the launching of the car FIAT IDEA

. NOKIA - Sonar Music Festival  |  Director of Multimedia Content for IG and COCA-COLA lounges

. SMIRNOFF EXPERIENCE  |  Multimedia Director - Music and Fashion global event in São Paulo

. PACHA | Creative Director for the campaigns -  Pacha is a world famous nightclub founded in Ibiza,  it became a powerful global brand with clubs in 15 countries. Currently ranked 3rd best nightclub in the world.


< 2000 - 2005 >


. TRATTORIA Production Company -  São Paulo |  Art Director/Production Designer , Director

 Commercials, TV spots, music videos , for agencies like J.W. Thompson, Saatchi , FCB, BBDO and clients like EMI,

TIM (Italian Telecom) , Mattel.

. BEA GUEDES STUDIO - London, Sao Paulo | Fashion Photographer

published works at Dazed&Confused , Vogue, Elle , City Limits, Sportswear International among other publications in the UK and Brazil


. Extensive experience with all aspects of film, television and commercials production from concept to air.

. Large experience in leading and building creative, production and post production teams, from development to launch,

  in production company, creative agency and tv network environments.

. Expertise in content development and multimedia experiences

. Visionary/ breakthrough creative development and execution.

. Ability to manage multiple projects in various stages.

. Experience in negotiating and building network with executives, creative and production teams locally and internationally.

. Excellent communication with agency and brand marketing executives and stakeholders

. Knowledge of content and formats trends in the international market.

. Knowledge of international production and adapting formats to local audiences.

. Extensive relationship with the Brazilian market (tv channels, producing companies, agencies)

. Extensive international network in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

. Extensive knowledge of Pop Culture, Internet Culture, Music, Travel, Science /Technology.

> education


. Post Graduation - Art Photography - CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND DESIGN - London, UK

. Bachelor of Arts  - BA Visual Communication/ Graphic Design - FAAP - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado - São Paulo, Brazil


> languages

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

> softwares

Premiere, After Effects, Da Vinci, Resolume, Photoshop, Movie Magic, Google suite




A few nice things people said about me ...



"She is one of the most talented and creative film and TV professionals/producers I have had the pleasure to work with . We have recently worked together in a project at Movie&Art, which is one of the leading film and television production companies in Latin America, where she was the Creative Director for TV Content . Beatrix’s extensive production knowledge and creative talents, as well as her extensive knowledge of the Latin American and European markets, besides the enormous value of her international network would make her a tremendous asset to any American or International company in the film and television business.” 
Bob Coimbra
President at Ogilvy&Mather Andina

Country Manager at WPP Andina


"She can bring extraordinary contributions and would certainly bring many unique qualities to any company that might hire her , for her global vision and knowledge in the field. ” 
Stefan Kozak 
CEO Redbull North America

Santa Monica, CA


“ Beatrix is truly a remarkable artist of the highest caliber. We have worked together in TV commercials , and her work as director of the films and the final result were outstanding. She always brings an incredible creativity, never ending curiosity, technical expertise and commitment to deliver the highest quality work to every single challenge that she takes"

Marcos Ribeiro 

Group Creative Director VML  (WPP) 

New York,  NY

“While at the position of executive producer and creative director at CNN International, I had the pleasure to work with Beatrix as our producer for episodes of the series "World Sport", "The Scene" and "Principal Voices". She has also directed several segments for our series "Art of Life" with outstanding results (...) Beatrix has created extraordinary formats and tv shows of global appeal thanks to her expertise in culture and trends allied to her incredible talent and highly competent production and direction skills" 
Chris Mansson 
Former Creative Director/ Executive Producer
CNN international

London , UK

“Her broad access to international networks and special ability to create and adapt content from different countries to local audiences are of great value for the television market" 
Maurizio Tavares 
Vice President Branding and Programming
BBC Worlwide

Miami, FL


“Beatrix performed at Turner the leading role on the development and production of Fashion Splash . As the director and producer, she was in charge of the whole production from concept to air, from contract negotiation until the release of the 13 episodes (...) Beatrix is unquestionably a leader in the entertainment industry as a creator of outstanding international TV formats to be commercialized worldwide. It was a real pleasure to work alongside one of the industry's most creative and prolific talent.”

Horacio Martin 

Production Director and Executive Producer 

Turner Latin America

Buenos Aires, Argentina


“She is a very respected and unique professional who has made significant contributions for the Brazilian audiovisual market, having created and produced outstanding content across screens” 

Jimmy Leroy 

VP Creative Viacom/ Nickelodeon

Sao Paulo , Brazil
“I have been recently invited by Ms Guedes to be one of the directors of “Stories from the Interlude”, an extraordinary TV series created by her involving several important musicians and directors . Ms Guedes is known for directing and producing content that brings attention to environmental and social issues, such as the documentary “Eldorado”, which opened the Latin American Film Festival and the United Nations Congress of Human Rights - a big breakthrough in the fight against human trafficking. She brings a very meaningful contribution to environmental crisis awareness in ‘SOS Mata Atlantica’ , a documentary about the preservation of rain forests in Brazil ; ‘Ecopratico’ , a tv series about sustainability aired on a Brazilian open channel”
Peter Webber
Oscar-nominated film director of " The Girl with a Pearl Earring"
London - UK

“Beatrix is unquestionably one of the most important professionals in the Brazilian TV & Media Industry. She has risen to the highest ranks producing groundbreaking and compelling TV series, shorts, spots ,etc “  
Gustavo Guimaraes
Creative Producer
Discovery Communications

Miami, FL
“Besides Ecopratico, Beatrix brought another impressive TV Format to Cannes : Globalpop. I was present at the pitches at the MipFormats /MIPTV market in Cannes, and GLOBALPOP was selected top 10 among more than 200 TV Shows worldwide , bringing much attention to the Brazilian TV production landscape […] She has many years of experience in the field, has a great reputation both in Brazil and internationally. She is one of Brazil’s greatest TV producers, and has undoubtedly contributed a great deal to the international TV format landscape” 
Sarah Coursey, 
International TV Formats expert - Zee Television 
Former VP  Acquisitions at Zodiac Formats 

New York - NY
" From her connections to her creative ideas, Beatrix Guedes is a true creative leader. Her profound understanding of the creative process comes with an avid desire to reach audiences and communicate positive and relevant content. Her work is revered by the experts in the areas of film and television in Brazil, and she is deservedly considered one of the top influencers  in her field” 
Maria Zulmira de Souza
 former Content Director
TV Cultura -
São Paulo , Brazil 

"I have met Beatrix at MIPTV-television market in Cannes, while considering the distribution of ELDORADO, her documentary about human trafficking, which opened the United Nations congress of Human Rights and the Latin American Film Festival, and also GLOBALPOP, an extraordinary format created by her which has been selected at the MIPformats pitches as one of the best TV formats projects in the world. She is an extremely gifted director and as a producer her vision of the international market is truly exceptional . She is always present at various television markets, where she is acknowledged for her great ability as executive producer and developer of international formats and tv shows."
Max Oliveras
VP Acquisitions - Distraction Formats

Former VP programming Tele-Quebec
Montreal -  Canada

“Beatrix Guedes has been bringing to PLANET new opportunities of production services (…) acting as a bridge between the Brazilian and the US markets, which is very interesting for us for the possibility of generating more international co-productions”
Robyn Bensinger
Executive Producer 
The Planet - Production Company

Los Angeles, CA -

“We're very proud for having had Bea Guedes in our team. She has directed while with Trattoria adverts for agencies like JWT, Ogilvy,Y&R, BBO and Saatchi & Saatchi. Beatrix was the Art Director for the advert 'Santa Ursula', winner of a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions, created by the advertising agency FCB and produced by Trattoria.”
Eitan Rosenthal
Partner at Trattoria Production Company

São Paulo, Brazil

“The project ( O Guarani)  was trailblazing, and it became a great inspiration for many other stagings that followed. Beatrix Guedes is a very important name in the artistic and media industry for her many years of innovating and bringing new challenges to the arts and entertainment scene (…)  Her contributions  are very important as she is a trend-setter and keeps pushing and blurring the boundaries between medias, delivering fantastic content for film, tv and the performing arts ”
 Arthur Boniconte 
Midiadub multimedia artist
São Paulo, Brazil

“She is one of the very few and unique professionals that can add superb artistic conception to a high degree of technical expertise. She is considered by many as a genius and a visionary in creative and artistic direction, and a groundbreaker in the area of multimedia and image making . She is a real influencer and inspiration to the new image-makers generation […] I can unequivocally state that she is on the very top on her field as an accomplished and extraordinary multimedia and multi-talented director”

Coy Freitas 
Creative Director at B-Ferraz, advertising agency

São Paulo , Brazil

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