As a film maker and storyteller I have always been extremely interested in scientific subjects and also in the supernatural – or the invisible to the eyes. Not in a spiritual way, but as psychological fenomena of individual or collective perceptions. Not only CRYSTALINA but also my previous scripts have always presented strong scientific elements and psychological quests.

A few years ago, I have directed “Partying to Revolution”, a documentary about global consciousness and the future of the planet, and a particular interview that really struck me was with the mathematician Ralph Abraham, at the University of Santa Cruz , one of the precursors of the Theory of Chaos. We have talked a lot about multiple dimensions and realities and the perception of the brain under certain substances that can alter its frequency, like psychedelics, and even with electric pulses stimuli. He has traced a parallel between the brainwaves and the frequencies that propagate in space. These few hours I have spent with Ralph Abraham have profoundly influenced my research. During the same week , I have also had a chance to attend a lecture by the biologist Dr.Rupert Sheldrake about morphic fields and mind frequencies, which absolutely fascinated me. I got so inspired with all this information that I have started , out of pure curiosity, a MIT online course of Electromagnetic Physics straight away. Obviously I’ve never got beyond the 5th class, but some of what I have learned gave me my first glimpse of what CRYSTALINA would be about.
Thus , science is a natural subject in my scripts, as it belongs in the realm of my personal interests. Parallel realities have been a constant theme on my scripts and my researchs. These topics inspire my fiction writing , which I try to develop by taking scientific concepts and bringing them from theory to practice in a sort of experiment in reality through my characters and their stories.
I have started my career in the film industry as a production designer before directing music videos, commercials and films. Therefore I have a strong aesthetic drive and I believe that alongside an interesting script based on mindboggling scientific concepts and a timeless romance, CRYSTALINA will be a feast for the eyes for the wonderful landscapes it portraits ( Iceland and the Aurora Borealis displays, the otherworldly landscapes of  the Naica crystal cave and the Atacama Desert) .

- Beatrix Guedes