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Astronomer and researcher of extraterrestrial signals. A rockstar in the Astrophysics community.

A rebel, anti-establishment, anti-social, but essentially a good man who believes in his service

to mankind – cool and kind, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  After years working at NASA’s

SETI program, he goes on a 3-Years mission in space aboard the International Space Station.

Back to Earth, he takes charge of a small observatory in a remote area in the Atacama Desert to

continue his research. John spends most of his time alone in his observatory, registering

intermitent extraterrestrial signals which he can’t determine the origin, as his telescope is not

powerful enough. His grant will soon be cut and his telescope deactivated, as he is not able to

validate these signals with NASA . When he is not inside his observatory, he lives a rather frustrating

life with his troubled wife and his blind daughter in a beautiful house a few miles from the nearest

village, on the road to the ALMA telescope array. John is on the verge of giving up his quest, as

years of research without tangible results are wrecking his self-esteem and a bit of his reputation.

His life and research will take a whole new meaning when he meets the mysterious Dr. Leibovitz

and realizes their quests may have the same answer.

- Mark Ruffalo . Brad Pitt.



World-famous neuroscientist and professor at the UCLA. She is an icy-cold mysterious woman,

with short platinum blond hair, dressed in perfectly tailored suits . She is just widowed from

the iconic Californian architect Ray Leibovitz. Dr. Leibovitz is a pioneer in the experiment of

altering brainwaves frequencies through electromagnetic pulses, and  has developed a method of

TEMS * induced hypnosis. She wrote a polemic book about the sessions of her patient Leo, and her

practice has been heavily questioned and criticized by the Neuroscience Society since then. She is

 an obsessed and ambitious woman who wants to prove her theories no matter who gets

hurt along the way.  Her deep-hidden emotions will come to surface when she faces her other self,

Ava, on her journey to the Desert of Atacama.

- Thandiwe Newton. Tilda Swinton.



John Baudone’s wife . She met John at his graduation party and got pregnant of their daughter

Bellatrix on their first night together.  She is an eccentric, intense, overly mystic woman with a

huge fluffy hair and a drinking problem.  She irradiates the confidence and power of a goddess in

a minute – and the next she’s bursting into tears , drunk , stoned, feeling like shit. She is somewhere in between an astrologer, a fortune teller and a doom monger, floating around on her long kimonos and silk scarves. A drama queen, a diva lost in the desert with no purpose in life, expressing her depression through an eternal 70’s nostalgia.  Her moods will change when she meets Dr. Leibovitz, her other self – The woman she would have become had she not married John.  She seems to know the secrets the icy cold Dr. Leibovitz carries. She envies her and at the same time loves her madly. Now she has a clear goal : to become Dr. Leibovitz - or to destroy her.

- Thandie Newton. Tilda Swinton.




Ava Baudone is the woman Dr. Leibovitz would have been,  had she decided to stay with John

30 years ago. They have completely different personalities, but similar gestures and habits. Ava

seems older and not as fit due to her heavy smoking and drinking habits. She has a flamboyant style,

different from Dr. Leibovitz’ meticulously planned and flawless minimalistic chic looks. Ava is

loud about her emotions, while it’s difficult to notice if Dr. Leibovitz’s has any emotions at all.

They start transforming each other when their parallel realities collide.



Daughter of John and Ava Baudone, she is blind and sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Extremely

intelligent, curious and brave.  She was born blind,  and  she masters the darkness like no one.

 She is very beautiful but she doesn’t know it. She starts to understand what physical attraction is

when she meets Leo.  She understands what light is when she enters with him the Crystal Cave.

- Zendaya , Zoe Kravitz if Thandiwe. Anya Taylor-Joy if Tilda


LEO , 27

Dr. Leibovitz patient, a quirky guy with extremely intense eyes. a mix of schizophrenic and genius.

His case becomes the main subject of study and a book by Dr. Leibovitz. In his hypnosis sessions

he reveals his communications with an extraterrestrial intelligence and describes life in another

planet, in particular a cave with gigantic crystals , the matrix of the “Prismatic Water”.

- Elliot Page. Earl Cave.


METATRON, ageless.

The hermit/madman who lives inside the Crystal Cave, in the Atacama Desert.  He believes he’s the

guardian of the cave. He says he communicates with extraterrestrial intelligences. He’s a rough man

with a very strong Scottish accent and an incredible story to tell.

- Paul Anderson. Tim Roth.



 John’s fellow student in Astrophysics at the Santa Cruz University, and ex-colleague at NASA, they

have developed together a secret telescope laser head to send signals to space.  He is now the big boss for all NASA operations at the ALMA telescope array . Ringo Starr look-a-like, he still thinks his tacky moustache makes people take him for Ringo. He‘s very ambitious, and differently from John, he does not care at all about mankind - All he cares for is his high position at NASA and his bank account.



The Chair of Neurosciences at UCLA - The stone in Dr. Leibovitz’ shoe. An arrogant PierceMorgan-ish  type, the kind that will destroy women who reject him. He doubts and mocks Dr. Leibovitz’s studies -  but he’s  jealous of her visionary research, and we know deep down he treats her like this because his romantic affair with her did not come out the way he expected.


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