PROFESSOR JOHN BAUDONE, 53  - Astronomer and researcher of electromagnetic fields. After years working at NASA’s SETI* program , he goes on a mission at the International Space Station, and stays in space for almost 3 years. Back to Earth, he builds a telescope in a remote area in the Atacama Desert, Chile. John spends most of his time inside his observatory, in search of extraterrestrial signals. He lives in a glass house 20 miles from the nearest village, San Pedro de Atacama , with his wife and daughter.

DR. LEIBOVITZ , 53 -  World-famous neuroscientist and hypnotherapist , and professor at the UCLA.  Recently widowed from prominent Californian architect Ray Leibovitz, Dr. Leibovitz studies altered brainwaves frequencies through electromagnetic pulses , and  has developed a method of TMS **– induced hypnosis. She has written a polemic book about the hypnosis sessions of her patient Leo, and her practice has been heavily questioned and criticized by the International Neuroscience Society since then.

AVA BAUDONE, 53 - John Baudone’s wife . An eternal hippie, she is an overly mystic, depressed alcoholic . She has met John at his graduation party and they have been together ever since . She got pregnant of their daughter Bellatrix on their first night together


Dr.Leibovitz and Ava Baudone are the same person, in different timelines.

BELLATRIX BAUDONE , 29 - Daughter of John and Ava Baudone. She is blind and suffers from EHS -  Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - thus she cannot be anywhere close to wifi , cordless phones and certain radiations.

LEO , 27 - Dr. Leibovitz patient , he goes through hypnotic induced trances during which he describes communications with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, which becomes subject of very deep study and a book by Dr. Leibovitz. During his hypnosis sessions he explains how this civilization uses quartz crystals to create and manipulate energy , and their relation to the electromagnetic fields and the “prismatic water”.

METATRON, ageless  - The hermit/madman who lives inside the Crystal Cave. He believes he is the guardian of the cave. He says he communicates with extraterrestrial intelligences.

TYRREL, 52 - John’s fellow student in Astrophysics at the Santa Cruz University, and ex-colleague at NASA. He runs the NASA base at the ALMA telescope array in the Atacama Desert.

​DR. ALFRED KOZOV , 60 - The chairman of Neurosciences at UCLA

* Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 

** Transcranial magnetic stimulation


Dr.Leibovitz / Ava Baudone        Tilda Swinton
John Baudone                         Clive Owen
Leo                                     Timothée Chalamet
Bellatrix                              Amanda Seyfried
Metatron the hermit                 Tom Hardy
Dr. Timothy Leary                     Himself in Archives